Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Times of Covid-19

Published June 24th, 2021 by Functional Health Center

Although over a year has passed since Covid-19 upended the lives of everyone in the World, we are barely beginning to see the long-term effects this virus has on the human body. Of particular importance is the effects on vascular health and its association with erectile dysfunction. It has been well known that Covid affects the endothelium of the vasculature (the protective inner lining of the arteries and veins), causing many problems with coagulation, blood flow, and its effects on heart disease. With new research coming to light, it has also been seen that one persistent effect is that of ED

Despite the need for more studies, there are clear points that remain. Covid is a virus that directly affects the blood vessels needed to maintain a healthy erection. This reduced blood flow impairs a man’s ability to get and later maintain an erection, with Covid patients both young and old having a 5 times increased risk of developing ED. And it’s not just the physical factors that increase this risk, but also the psychological. Social distancing, stress from turbulent life changes, and even anxiety that your partner might be infected all contribute to performance problems. Which means now is the perfect time to take action. 

With a comprehensive team led by Dr. Behar, you can find guidance on checking for early signs of ED, and the appropriate measures to take to stop it before it becomes a more serious issue. Or, if you’ve noticed a change in the severity of your ED, you can take steps to improve your sexual health with our non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatments, and start your journey to a healthier you.

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