Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow also know as lateral epicondylitis, is a painful condition that occurs  when tendons in your elbow are overloaded, usually by repetitive motions of the wrist  and arm. Despite its name, athletes aren't the only people who develop tennis elbow. You don’t have to be a tennis player to suffer from this condition. Call Vitality Health & Aesthetics to see which treatment option is right for you.

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What is tennis elbow?

You have thick, fibrous cords of tissue called tendons that attach your muscles to your bones. When you have tennis elbow, you have a form of tendinitis that occurs when your tendons in and around your elbow become irritated and inflamed.

You can usually feel the pain on the outside of your elbow, where the tendons in your forearm attach to your elbow joint. However, the pain can also spread through your forearm into your wrist.

Tennis elbow can also cause your arm to feel weak, affecting your ability to carry or grip objects and even cause your hands to shake.

If you think you have tennis elbow, Vitality Health & Aesthetics has the expertise and experience to treat your condition.

What causes tennis elbow?

Repetitive arm motions or the overuse of bending and straightening your elbow can cause tennis elbow. Tiny tears develop in your tendons, causing pain and inflammation.

Causes of tennis elbow include:

  • Playing tennis
  • Painting
  • Lifting weights
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Cutting up dense ingredients for cooking
  • Repetitive computer mouse usage

If your tendon ever ruptures due to extreme overuse, you may require surgical treatment. Let the team at Vitality Health & Aesthetics evaluate your condition for the best healing option.

What are the symptoms of tennis elbow?

Symptoms of tennis elbow are typically easy to recognize. They include:

  • Stiffness in your elbow
  • Tenderness in and on your elbow
  • Persistent aching in your elbow
  • Soreness in your forearm
  • Elbow pain when lifting or holding objects

Sometimes tennis elbow can heal on its own, but if pain persists, see the team at Vitality Health & Aesthetics for treatment to relieve your pain quickly.

How is tennis elbow treated?

At Vitality Health & Aesthetics we use the state of the art technology of shockwave therapy to treat lateral epicondylitis. Shockwave therapy is a noninvasive treatment that delivers soundwaves to the affected area to increase blood supply, stimulate soft tissue healing, and inhibit pain receptors.

Each patient is different and requires between 3-4 treatments to derive the full affect. Each treatment is administered a week apart. It takes an average of three weeks to experience the effects in its entirety.

Once the team at Vitality Health & Aesthetics examines your elbow, the best solution is recommended for you. To learn more, call the office or book online today.

Other conservative treatment options include:

  • Rest and avoid activities that aggravate your elbow pain.
  • Pain relievers such as anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Apply ice or a cold pack for 15 minutes three to four times a day.